Intermercato Grapples and Grabs Australia

European quality built grapples and grabs for every purpose and every machine, backed up by the best in Australian support and experience!

At Intermercato Grapples and Grabs Australia we have an extensive range of grapples and grabs to choose from -- well over 50, with hydraulic rotators to match. The reason we have such an extensive range is that we believe in getting the right grapple or grab for the job! Why waste the capacity of your machine with a grapple or grab that is too big for your crane or excavator?

Intermercato grapples and grabs are designed for both cranes and excavators from 500 kg to 40 tonnes and are suitable for cardanic suspension and rigid mount applications. The excavator series are made from HARDOX for extra durability with greaseable pins and bushes throughout.

Our range includes:

Universal Grabs
Five Finger Grapples
Demolition Grabs
Stone Grabs
Log Grapples - for excavators
Log Grapples - for cranes
Forest Residue Grapples
Sorting Grabs & Recycling Grabs
Mini Loader Grapples
Loader & Skid Steer Grapples
Three Point Linkage Log Grapple
Excavator Grabs
Thumb Grabs
Clamshell Buckets
Grapple Saws

Most grapples and grabs are supplied with over-centre valves for extra safety. This just means that once you grab hold of a load, you need pressure to release the load so you can't accidentally drop it.

Contact us to find out how the right grapple or grab can maximise your efficiency on the job.

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