Meet the Intermercato Team

Welcome to our first ever newsletter from Intermercato Grapples, designed to keep you updated about the latest in grapples, grabs and high performance kit.

Despite the recent COVID challenges, many of our clients have been busier than ever. 

Here at Intermercato, we’ve been busy too. Last year we had a full order book, we moved to bigger premises and we welcomed some new faces to our team. 

Remember, our expert crew is always standing by to help you tool up for better performance. 


New Year, New Home!

In 2020 Intermercato literally moved up the road to 200 Beringarra Avenue in Malaga, WA. 

The new premises are twice the size, and we’re still running out of room! Goes to show how much stock we keep on hand.

The new space has also allowed us to make use of our lathe, milling machine, CNC machine and other workshop gear so we can customise your equipment to suit your needs. 


Our Best Selling Grapple

One of our biggest selling grapples for 2020 was the versatile TG22PROSR5 five finger grab which is rated for machines up to 5.5 tonnes. This grapple will open to 1225mm, closes to 60mm and weighs only 160kg. 

The great advantage of our grapples is the dual pivoting points, allowing the grab to open wider and close smaller in a nice round shape.