A Heads-up on Head Brackets

Thinking grapples? Then you also need to think head brackets – the all-important link between your machine and your grapple.

But remember, all head brackets are not the same. You need a head bracket that’s the perfect fit for your machine and the kind of job you’re doing.

At Intermercato Grapples, we supply you with a head bracket that’s custom built just for you. Because a standard off-the-shelf head bracket just doesn’t compare on quality and performance.


A Head Bracket Designed for You

At Intermercato Grapples, every head bracket is custom designed for your machine.

We collect your hitch pin diameter, pin centre measurement and stick width. From there we laser cut the plates, create the bosses, make the pins and weld the parts together. 

Once complete we add a quick coat of paint, then our head brackets are bolted, not welded, to the top of our grapples. This allows you to unbolt the head bracket to spin it 90 degrees to change the grapple or pick-up direction if you don’t have a rotator fitted. You can even stand up fence posts with your machine.

The grapple is easily picked up with your hitch – just like picking up a bucket. And you can smash out your workload in record time. 

dangle mount

Pendulum or Dangle Mount

We design the hitch in the same way to your precise specifications except we weld ears on the bottom of the head bracket so we can connect a link from the head bracket to the rotator. This allows the rotator to swing freely or pendulum.

Alternatively, we can make brackets that connect direct to your dipper arm.

In Summary

Be sure your head bracket is custom designed for you the Intermercato way or it may not be up to the job.