Grapple Saw


New Year, New Grapple Saw!

Why not kick off 2022 with a new way of working smarter – a grapple saw!

If you’re lopping and chopping trees, a customised grapple saw is a safer, more efficient way to work. It makes your excavator more versatile. Plus it also saves on manpower – a welcome innovation in these times when good workers are hard to find. 


Swedish and Italian Quality – Fully Customised

An Intermercato grapple saw combines the Intermercato Swedish grapple of your choice with a worm drive rotator and an Italian hydraulic saw. 

All components are supplied individually, and we mount and install in-house. That means we can customise your kit to create exactly the tool you need to blitz your workload this year.


Rigid Mount or Pendulum Mount

The rigid mount design is our preferred setup with a worm drive rotator. This allows you to reach up, grab a limb and operate the saw. Once the limb is cut it will not fall and will be held in the same position and you can safely bring the limb to the ground. We also have the capabilities to design and create a pendulum mount. 


Let’s Get Technical

Most excavators only have two sets of auxiliaries so a 12V or 24V solenoid may be required to share one of the hydraulic lines. 

There are two options. You can share the saw and grab on the same line and leave the rotator on its own line. Or you can couple the grapple and rotator on one line and have the saw on the other. 

Or you may want to have another feed line installed to operate the saw. To power the solenoid, you will need to install a momentary switch in the cab. 


Setup Requirements

The main setup requirement for the saw is enough hydraulic flow because your machine must have the correct amount of flow to power the saw’s requirements. 

The next most important criterion is that the return to tank line needs to be at least ¾” or 1” for the bigger saws. This drain line must go straight to the tank with no restrictions apart from a filter. A flat face coupler has too much resistance, so a screwed connection is preferred. 

There are four hydraulic saw options. The team at Intermercato grapples can advise you on the setup that best suits your needs.

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