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A Rotator for Every Job

Which rotator is right for you? 

Well it all depends what kind of job you’re doing and what kind of machine and grapple you’re operating. Your rotator works hand in hand with your grapple to achieve maximum performance. 

Depending on the application we may recommend a rigid mount rotator, of which we have two popular types – worm drive rotators and RMR rotators. You can be sure all the rotators we recommend are high quality and fit for purpose.


Rigid Mount Rotators

A rigid mount rotator allows the operator to rotate the grab into exactly the right position. 

The rotator and grab must be extremely strong when rigid mounted to cope with the shear and thrust forces of the excavator. 

Rigid mount rotators are ideal for loading beams onto trucks, grabbing upright trees, stacking, positioning rocks, fence post work, quickly sorting materials at waste disposal sites and more.



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Worm Drive Rotators

Our worm drive rotators are a popular choice to complement any Intermercato grapple.

A worm drive rotator allows you to spin 360 degrees clockwise or anticlockwise endlessly. Our worm drive has a specially designed low ratio, making it great for use with excavators. The worm is powered by a hydraulic motor which turns a bevel gear around a worm gear. It’s that simple!

The benefit of the worm drive type of rigid mount rotator is that it will hold a load steady at any angle. For example, if you are holding a branch in the air with the excavator and it‘s cut by a chainsaw, the branch will stay in position and not move once it is cut. It allows you to have more control but is slightly slower than other options. However, if overloaded, the worm will creep backwards to take pressure off the teeth. 

The worm drive style is great for putting in standing posts, feeding chippers or mounting on a chainsaw.



RMR Rotators

Our RMR rotators are also extremely popular. The RMR type of rigid mount rotator uses gerotor technology to create a compact, high side load withstanding rotator.

The axial and radial loading is due to the tapered roller bearing of the dual mounted, forged drive shaft. 

The gerotor design allows a much faster operation than the worm drive. The only downside is that it doesn’t hold the load steady. If you were to pick up a long load to the left or right of the centre of gravity, the load will rotate freely until it stops moving.

The RMR style is an excellent choice for sorting grabs and feeding chippers.

If you need help choosing the right rotator to power through your workload, just ask us. Our expert advice is all part of the service!