Solenoids and the Multi-tasking Excavator

Want to switch between a hydraulic grapple and a rotator but you only have one set of auxiliary outlets? No problem!

All you need to do is ask us to install a 12v 6-port solenoid and you can switch between the two!

The solenoid diverts the auxiliary hydraulic oil flow from the grapple to the rotator at the push of a button.

That way you get the fast, efficient versatility you need on the job without the expense of plumbing in a new set of hydraulic lines.

How We Customise Your Grapple and Rotator

Customising your equipment so it’s fit for purpose is the Intermercato way. We have an in-house workshop dedicated to doing just that.

On our installations we find the best possible mounting position on the head bracket to install the solenoid. 

The main hydraulic auxiliaries feed into the top of the 6-port solenoid and will operate the grab as usual. However after activating the coil, the rotator will turn clockwise and anticlockwise by using the same controls. 

Installing your assembly

Installing Your Assembly

Usually an auto electrician runs the cable from the Anderson plug to the switch inside your cab, however some customers install it themselves. We always recommend using a momentary switch for easier operation. 

Often the horn switch is used as it’s in a great location, unless you have a free button on one of your joysticks. The horn is remounted elsewhere. 

We recommend the horn as it is a momentary switch. This allows the rotator to only function while the button is pressed down.

In Summary

The 12v solenoid is a very handy option for machines with only one set of auxiliaries.

Grapple of the month

Grapple of the Month

Looking for a tough yet precise unit for waste sorting and recycling? Or for demanding building and landscaping work like picking up sandstone blocks? 

The TG16EG sorting grab is our grapple of the month. Suited for machines from 1–4 tonnes, it’s perfect for sorting through waste as it is very precise and can pick up small items like a Coke can in a sea of rubbish with its metal cutting edge.

The TG16EG has an opening of 880mm and only weighs 95kg. We can also fit a rotator, allowing it to spin 360 degrees left and right.

Want your TG16EG for building or landscaping work? We can swap out the metal cutting edges for polyurethane in our in-house workshop.