Fraud Blocker Excavator Attachment Hydraulic Grab

Intermercato Excavator Attachment Hydraulic Grabs are suited to excavators and cranes from 2 tonne to over 30 tonne capacity.

If you work in stone, then a specialist stone rock grab or universal five finger grab is the best choice for you.

Specialist Excavator Attachment Hydraulic Grabs have hard wearing faceplates for long term production work in harsh conditions. Customers use these grapples for hard wearing products including stone, mining, demolition, concrete sorting and bulk material transfer.

Stone grabs TG ST

Excavator Attachment Hydraulic Grabs are of the modern bypass design, allowing wide opening widths to pick up large stone and give great capacity but still allowing very tight closing to handle a variety of sizes. Larger designs also use cutting edges for superior block handling. Intermercato Excavator Attachment Hydraulic Grabs are designed to give high gripping forces on hard rock.

All Excavator Attachment Hydraulic Grabs have the following features:

  • Excellent GRIPPING FORCE for hard rock with 3 - 5 heavy duty fingers.
  • Extra reinforcing over the tines for maximum life in constant production work.
  • Belly plate to protect cylinder underneath - designed for minimum downtime.
  • Every pin greaseable with protected grease nipples - designed for a long life.
  • High clamping forces with oversized pistons - allows secure gripping of any load.
  • All excavator series made from the highest quality steel available - HARDOX.
  • Built by a company specialising in grabs and grapples for over 20 years.
  • Optional overcentre valves.
  • Intermercato's fully hydraulic Excavator Attachment Hydraulic Grabs allow the operator to still have full control of the tilt cylinder so objects can be picked up and placed precisely with more ease.
  • Tilt cylinder can be used for raking.
  • Reach OVER the rock as the top pin are spread apart, allowing you a more secure grip on your load.

Why consider a fully HYDRAULIC stone grab?

  • Grabbing action is always the same as it's independent to your tilt ram.
  • Full range of motion, same as operating a bucket.
  • Couples and uncouples as easily as your bucket - no strut or cylinder plate on your boom.
  • No need to modify or weld onto the excavator, weakening it.
  • Grapple jaws close evenly to pick up objects easily (not cheap one-arm static design!)
  • Rotator (rigid mount or pendulum) can be added later if required for 360 degree rotation of the grapple.
  • Able to be shared between machines with same size coupler.

Contact us today to get recommendations for your machine and find out how a grab can improve productivity every minute on your job site!

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