31 May 2021

Solenoids and the Multi-tasking Excavator

Want to switch between a hydraulic grapple and a rotator but you only have one set of auxiliary outlets? No problem! All you need to do is ask us to install a 12v 6-port solenoid and you can switch between the two!

08 Apr 2021

A Heads-up on Head Brackets

Thinking grapples? Then you also need to think head brackets - the all-important link between your machine and your grapple. But remember, all head brackets are not the same. You need a head bracket thats the perfect fit for your machine and the kind of job youre doing.

30 Mar 2021

Grab the Latest News in Grapples

Intermercato Grapples gets its name from our Swedish supplier Intermercato. Intermercato is a Swedish family enterprise offering one of the worlds most versatile ranges of quality lifting equipment for forestry, transport, construction and recycling. The company has more than 20 years experience and a strong R&D team.