Intermercato's three point linkage log skidding grapple is a true bypass grapple, far stronger than the old clamp style grab.

The single tine passes through the double tines giving the ability to hold even small logs securely and give more strength when towing. This design also allows efficient self centring of the logs which easily roll-in and roll-out. Recommended hp is 50-90.

The three point linkage log skidding grapple turns your farm tractor into a productive forest machine.

Keep those rising utility costs at bay and start making money today!

Keep those rising utility costs at bay and start making money today!

Why consider a three point linkage log skidding grab?

  • Skid large logs out of the forest for easier processing on safer ground.
  • Small trunks, brush and slabs can be kept clean by lifting clear off the ground and driven straight out.
  • Stack material with the heel bar or lift just off the ground so they aren't hung up when towing.
  • Side shifting 30 degrees to either side means fast load up with very little manoeuvring of the tractor and stacking at the end of the job if required.
  • Hinge next to the linkage allows for tighter turning in rows.
  • Head board plate allows easier bunching of logs, forming neat piles and protects the tractor when reversing.
  • Robust design for years of hard use - thick Swedish steel, boxed in jaws for extra strength, large diameter rams and pins.
  • Easy mount up for three point linkage tractors with Category 11 hitch from 50-90hp.
  • Parking stand also included to allow easy hook up.

Please note that front weights are important for stability and must be used. The grapple operates with two sets of hydraulic outlets, one to bunch the logs and the other for side shift. If side shift isn't important,this feature can just be locked off.

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Tractor - Three Point Linkage Log Skidding Grapple - TigerSkid100

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