Fraud Blocker Extreme Duty Log Grabs - for Excavators

Built for harsh operating environments where finding maintenance personnel is difficult. A special series manufactured for Russian, South East Asian and Australian commercial logging operations.

Intermercato log grab are designed to ACCUMULATE LOGS giving faster bundling & high productivity.

Super strong yoke made of a combination of weldox and hardox for increased durability with extra heavy duty hardox claws.

Log grapples Extreme Duty

All Log Excavator Grabs have the following features:

  • Belly plate to protect cylinder underneath - designed for minimum downtime.
  • Every pin greaseable with protected grease nipples - designed for a long life.
  • High clamping forces with oversized pistons - allows secure gripping of any load.
  • Excellent bundling geometry - giving rapid productivity.
  • All excavator series made from the highest quality steel available - HARDOX.
  • Built by a company specializing in excavator grabs and grapples for over 20 years.

All grapples can be matched with Intermercato's line up of 360 degree continuous rotators - RIGID or PENDULUM mounted. Often Indexators XR series is the choice.

Ring today to get recommendations for your machine and find out how a grab can improve productivity every minute on your job site!

Catalogue (PDFs)

Log Grabs Extreme Duty Series TG42 - TG100SM

Download Full Specifications for TG42 - TG100SM (PDF)

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