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Intermercato Log Grapples are suited to cranes from 500kg to 40 tonne capacity. We are a leading supplier of grabs and grapples for HMF, HIAB, Palfinger, Fassi, Pfeffer, Ferrari, Maxilift and more.

Log grapples are all of the modern bypass design, allowing wide opening widths & capacity but still allowing very tight closing for secure gripping of uneven loads. Intermercato log grapples are designed to grab and ACCUMULATE LOGS. The fixed teeth don't bite into logs giving faster bundling & high productivity.

Log grabs TG Standard

Log grapples are the choice for stacking logs with forwarders, log sorting and feeding chippers.

The Crane Log Grapple series is lighter duty than the Excavator models as a Crane grapple doesn't have to put up with the extra stresses of dragging logs. This maximizes the capacity of your Crane, yet still ensures a long life.

All Log Grapples - for Cranes have the following features:

  • Belly plate to protect cylinder underneath - designed for minimum downtime.
  • Every pin greaseable with protected grease nipples - designed for a long life.
  • High clamping forces with oversized pistons - allows secure gripping of any load.
  • Excellent bundling geometry - giving rapid productivity.
  • All excavator series made from the highest quality steel available - HARDOX.
  • Built by a company specializing in excavator grabs and grapples for over 20 years.

All grapples can be matched with Intermercato's line up of 360 degree continuous rotators.

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