Fraud Blocker Skidding Winch

PREMIUM Skidding Winch for Harvesting Timber

Our PREMIUM Skidding Winch is an indispensable machine when it comes to harvesting timber from your forest. They have been designed to ensure ease of operation and low-cost maintenance.

In addition, they have been upgraded with a unique design combining a powerful and stable structure with diagonal lines.

PROFI Skidding Winch -
for Professional Use

In combination with a tractor, the PROFI Skidding Winch for professional use is an essential machine required for daily timber harvesting from the forest.

Our PROFI winches are distinguished by patented solutions, redusing the strain on the operator and underlining the technological superiority of the machines.

They were designed to ensure simple maintenance, with a compact and stable framework and machanisms for energy efficiency.

The long service life of PROFI winches is now beyond question.

Features of PREMIUM forest winches

Features of PROFI forest winches

Long service life is ensured by

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PREMIUM Skidding Winch

PROFI Skidding Winch for Professional Use

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