Fraud Blocker Excavator Grapple Saws

Want the ultimate productivity tool to saw logs and feed a chipper without the timber touching the ground?

Our excavator grapple saw does the job with just one operator and excavator - no need for a second person on the ground. You'll never need to pick up your chainsaw again!

It's also a safer option when removing trees in busy, constricted areas along roads, railways and waterways, reducing the possibility of damage to surrounding property. Once the limb is cut it will not fall and will be held in the same position and you can safely bring the limb to the ground.

Grapple Saws

Suitable for all timber handling applications, our excavator grapple saw is very easy to operate. Depending on your controls simply grasp the log and activate the saw with the push of a button. Once the cut is complete, take your finger off the button to return the saw to the home position. The saw is automatically lubricated during use via an independent oil tank.

The excavator grapple saw comes complete with an Italian saw cassette with mechanical rapid chain tensioning, so vibration is greatly reduced enabling safe control by the operator.

Our excavator grapple saw has the following features:

  • Worm drive rotator with brake for extra control
  • Italian saw cassette
  • Harvester .404" or ¾" forestry chain options
  • All hydraulic functions independently controlled - saw, grab and rotate
  • 360 degree rotation

Why consider a excavator grapple saw?

  • Higher productivity and efficiency
  • Reduced labour force
  • On the job safety
  • Premium quality - Italian saw cassette, Swedish Intermercato grapple

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