Fraud Blocker Mini Loader Grapples - Mini Loader Grapple

Intermercato mini loader grapples and log skidding grapples are suited to skid steer and mini loaders up to 30 hp (Models TG16 & TG19 Log Skidder)

Suitable for use as a:

  • Dingo log grab
  • Kanga log grab
  • Bobcat log grab
  • Toro log grab
  • Boxer log grab
  • Avant log grab
  • Schaffer log grab
  • Multi one log grab
  • Viking log grab
  • Vermeer log grab
  • Ditchwitch log grab

Are you constantly frustrated trying to pick up tree trunks end on with a grapple bucket or root grapple? Many will agree that it's difficult to grip trunks end on as you only have a small surface to grab. Even when you are successful it puts stress on one narrow section of your grapple bucket. Also if you try and pick up that large load, the centre of gravity is far in-front so your capacity is extremely limited.

Feeding the long load into the chipper is even harder as you must pick it up from the far end and tilt it into the grinding tub. A more efficient solution has been used for years in the USA and it has been available in Australia for a while now - the log skidding grapple.

The log skidding grapple gives a great grip on every load as it is self centring and allows the operator to drag a 5m log through a narrow gate and straight into the chipper. The mini loader can stay alongside the tree trunk so it is easily fed into the chipper, saving cutting the log up into manageable chunks. The log skidding grapple is mounted on a manual rotator and swings out like a pendulum. It is designed for dragging but can also be used to lock in a load under the specially designed log grippers when working in sensitive areas.

The mini loader log skidding grapple is a versatile attachment as it allows a mini loader to perform a wide range of jobs including dragging brush, carrying logs and feeding tree or wood to your chipper. The mini loader grapple can make your mini loader the most useful machine for treework as it allows one operator to easily carry out various jobs that will otherwise take three to four ground personnel to complete, saving you time and money.

What's unique about using a mini loader log skidding grapple?

  • Allows the operator to drag a whole tree through a narrow gate.
  • Maximises operator safety as loads don't need to be managed end-on.
  • Operator can drive past the chipper and feed the log straight in.
  • Less saw cuts are required every load, maximising efficiency.
  • Skid steer need to do less turns to complete the job, saving tyres and your customers grass.
  • The mini loader can drag many times its lift capacity so each load is maximised.

The mini loader log skidding grapple allows the operator to drag trees end on so it is now an easy task to drag a 15m tree through a narrow gate and feed it straight into the chipper.

Intermercato mini loader log skidding grapples are built tough, making them a reliable piece of equipment that can perform even in extreme Australian conditions.

Intermercato Grapples has over 20 years of proven foresty experience and is able to provide a high-quality and durable mini loader grapple that will increase the efficiency of your skid steer and mini loader.

Intermercato doesn't recommend hydraulic rotators for mini loader grapples as it actually slows down the operation.

The features of our mini loader log skidding grapple include:

  • Grapple designed & built by industry specialist.
  • All grease nipples fully protected.
  • Grapple opens up to 1120mm closes down to 47mm or 925mm/60mm.
  • Self centring jaws give a perfect grip on every load.
  • Hanger design allows loaders mast to stay low for stability & capacity.
  • Less ground damage as loader doesn't need to turn to feed chipper.
  • Rope bollard for lowering branches.
  • All working pins heavy duty, minimum 25mm, 4140 chromed hardened steel.
  • Designed for safety - heavy duty encapsulated rotator 40mm shaft.
  • Bronzed bushed clevis for long life.

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