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Heavy duty and reliable, suitable for all timber handling applications. You will never want to pick up your chainsaw again!

A log saw with grapple is the ultimate productivity tool when you need to saw, fell, prune and transport logs. Efficiently feed a chipper without logs touching the ground. Which is especially important when removing trues in busy areas and along roads, railways, and waterways.

Able to be matched to any grapple, our excavator hydraulic chainsaw can help you rapidly handle timber in your operation, safely and effectively. Get more done with the one machine and without needing an extra worker on site, immediately boosting the efficiency of your operation, as well as the safety of your operators.

Grapple Saws

The grapple saw is easy to operate. Simply grasp the log and activate the saw with the push of a button. Once the cut is complete, press the retract button to return the saw to the home position. The saw is automatically lubricated during use via an independent oil tank.

Complete with an Italian built saw cassette with mechanical rapid chain tensioning, vibration is greatly reduced enabling safe control by the operator.

With automatic chain lubrication and independent chain oil tank of 1.5/2 litre, and available with a .404 and a 3/4" chain pitch and can be fitted to any of our grapples.

A rigid mount rotator is an optional inclusion.

Intermercato Grapples provides the largest range of grapples including chainsaws in Australia, to suit most skid steers, loaders, and excavators.

All grapple chainsaws have the following features:

  • Italian built saw cassette
  • Parker F11 & F12 motors
  • Automatic chain lubrication
  • Independent chain oil tank 1.5 & 2 litre
  • Mechanical rapid chain tensioning
  • Simple, reliable technology
  • Option: Rigid mount rotator
  • Direct drive

Ring today to get recommendations for your machine and find out how a chainsaw grab can improve productivity every minute on your job site!

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