Intermercato Grabs provide a wide range of grabs and grapples including a better performing option to a thumb grab - a self-centring HYDRAULIC grab.

Intermercato's hydraulic grabs allow the operator to still have full control of the tilt cylinder at all times so objects can be picked up and placed precisely with more ease. The grabbing action is totally independent of the mast rams so it is very easy to operate.

A hydraulic grab also acts as an ACCUMULATOR so it effectively picks up a larger amount of material every time it is used. This increases efficiency every minute on the job. The material can either be crushed or picked up gently. A thumb grab, however, can only press the collected material against the bucket teeth and can never have a self centring action as the bucket is the wrong shape.

For sorting out materials, a sorting grab can be used to effectively pick out individual items from a pile on its cutting edges.

All sizes of excavators can benefit from increased capacity of a hydraulic grab, keeping unnecessary weight off the working face. Mini excavators in particular are very limited in capacity so a dedicated grab allows the operator to regain full capacity. A thumb grab simply wastes the load capacity of the machine when operating with a bucket as the thumb grab is attached to the mast and it also wastes capacity when being used as the heavily built excavator bucket designed for digging is attached. A purpose built hydraulic grab, however, allows the operator to remove the bucket weight and use a tool that is efficiently designed for the job.

What benefits do you get with a HYDRAULIC grab?

  • Maximises your lift capacity with the grab, no bucket weighing the machine down.
  • Full capacity when operating with standard bucket, no thumb attached to the excavator.
  • The grab's self centring jaws close evenly to pick up objects easily.
  • Grabbing action is always the same as it is independent to your tilt ram.
  • Full range of motion with the grab, same as operating a bucket.
  • Couples and uncouples as easily as your bucket, no strut or cylinder plate on your boom.
  • No need to modify or weld on to the excavator.
  • Rotator can be added later if required for 360 degree rotation.
  • Available in bypass design or solid cutting edge.
  • Able to be shared between machines with same size coupler.

Hydraulic grabs are built to work efficiently even in extreme Australian conditions. They are ideal for demolition work and handling objects including logs and rocks. The longer tines give great penetration into loose materials.

Intermercato hydraulic thumb grab alternatives increase efficiency every day on the job. Intermercato hydraulic grabs are suitable for excavators from 1500kg to 40 tonne capacity. We also provide a range of hydraulic rotators to match.

Intermercato grabs are made from HARDOX for extra durability and with grease-able pins and bushes throughout. More than just thumb grab alternatives, Intermercato offers a range of purpose built grabs designed to make your work more efficient. Included in the range are stone grabs, 9 - 11 - 13 tine finger grabs, a full range of log grabs, forestry residue grapples and demolition grabs with cutting edges that allow the operator to pick up blocks of concrete efficiently.

Our range of grabs and grapples includes:

five finger grapples


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stone rock grabs


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excavator shears


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log grapples for cranes

LOG GRAPPLES -for Cranes

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log grapples for excavators

LOG GRAPPLES -for Excavators

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log grapples extreme duty for excavators

LOG GRAPPLES - Extreme Duty for Excavators

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sorting grabs


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demolition grabs


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clamshell buckets


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mini loader grapples


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skid steer grapples


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Tractor Three Point Linkage Log Grapple

TRACTOR - Three Point Linkage Log Grapple

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rigid mount rotators


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pendulum mount rotators


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links hooks accessories


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forestry winches


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