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01 May 2024

Maximizing Efficiency and Safety with Mini Loader Log Skidding Grapples

In the ever-evolving world of landscaping and tree management, efficiency and safety are paramount. Whether youre a professional landscaper, a property manager, or a hobbyist looking to streamline your yard maintenance, the introduction of mini loader log skidding grapples marks a significant enhancement in how we handle large tree removals and landscaping tasks. Lets delve into the unique advantages that these compact yet mighty tools offer.

23 Apr 2024

Revolutionize Your Firewood Production with the Eco-Friendly Titan 40/20 Premium Firewood Processor

In the competitive world of firewood production, efficiency and sustainability are paramount. That’s why the Titan 40/20 Premium Firewood Processor stands out as a must-have tool for professional firewood producers in Australia who are looking to scale up their operations while minimizing environmental impact.

02 Apr 2024

Grapple Saws in Arboriculture: A Game Changer

For arborists and tree surgeons, grapple saws have revolutionized the way they approach their work.

14 Nov 2023

The Benefits and Applications of Grapple Saws for Excavators

In the constantly evolving world of construction and tree management, innovations that enhance efficiency and safety are always in high demand. One such tool that has emerged as a game-changer is the grapple saw, especially when used as an attachment for excavators.

05 Dec 2022

Merry Christmas and a Happy, Healthy, Prosperous New Year from Us All

Need a new gizmo for your demo work? Put a new grab under your tree and you‘ve got Christmas sorted! Intermercato has Australia‘s largest range of demolition grabs. Better still, they‘re not only built for demolishing but sorting as well.

19 Jan 2022

New Year, New Grapple Saw!

Why not kick off 2022 with a new way of working smarter – a grapple saw! If you’re lopping and chopping trees, a customised grapple saw is a safer, more efficient way to work. It makes your excavator more versatile. Plus it also saves on manpower – a welcome innovation in these times when good workers are hard to find.

11 Aug 2021

A Rotator for Every Job

Which rotator is right for you? Well it all depends what kind of job you’re doing and what kind of machine and grapple you’re operating. Your rotator works hand in hand with your grapple to achieve maximum performance. Depending on the application we may recommend a rigid mount rotator, of which we have two popular types – worm drive rotators and RMR rotators. You can be sure all the rotators we recommend are high quality and fit for purpose.