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Intermercato Grapples is your first choice for pendulum mount rotators, suspension links and hooks for excavators 1-40 tonnes and truck mounted cranes. Intermercato manufacture a comprehensive line up of precision rotators and also supply Indexator rotators.

Truck mounted crane rotators suit HMF, HIAB, Palfinger, Fassi, Pfeffer, Ferrari, Maxilift and more.

Intermercato's hydraulic rotator's are designed to suit forestry, recycling and small truck mounted and knuckle boom cranes. They are already found as OEM equipment in many truck mounted cranes worldwide due to the their strength, ultra low maintenance and longevity.

pendulum mount rotators

Over 20 years experience designing excavator grapples and grabs gives the customer confidence that they are buying a product that will last and be supported in years to come.

The advantage of the pendulum rotator and grab is that the working face is always horizontal so its the best for dragging and feeding chippers. The rotator and grapple can be slightly lighter duty as the swinging action takes pressure off the rotator and grab.

Plumbing options: the pendulum link can be mounted directly to the machine (quick hitch and tilt ram removed) if the machine is only used for logging or it can be mounted on a head bracket to attach to the quick hitch. The tilt ram can be used to operate the grab and the hammer piping will operate the rotator.

Shaft and flange mounted rotators are available depending on the application. The ports of flange mounted rotators are through the base so the rotator protects the hydraulic hoses. The super heavy duty Indexator XR series also suit pendulum mount applications and are far stronger than the Indexator IR series. rigid mount models are specially built to cope with the rigours of demolition work on heavy duty excavators.

Intermercato's cast casing is one of the strongest on the market, designed to last in the harshest environments.

All rotators have endless rotation - able to spin a full 360 degrees continuously.

Hydraulic hooks with pilot operated check valves are also available from Intermercato, please ask for more information.

pendulum mount rotators

Catalogue (PDFs)

Pendulum Mount Rotators

Vane rotator designed for low maintenance in forestry and cargo work.

Designed to suit up to 5.5 tonne capacity crane.

Designed to suit maximum 6 tonne operating weight excavator. Shaft mount 69mm.

Designed to suit maximum 8 tonne operating weight excavator. Shaft mount 69mm.

GV Series - Indexator

Indexator Robust Vane Rotators - GV series, suit excavators up to 20 tonnes in operating weight and forestry cranes.

GV series are a low maintenance rotator based on proven vane motor technology, with built in clevis hanger.

New GV models have a 50% increase in slewing torque. Some GV series are available in 6 port to operate forestry saws.

XR Series - Indexator

Indexator Super Heavy Duty Vane Rotators - XR series, suits excavators of 10-40 tonne operating weight.

XR series are a low maintenance rotator based on proven vane motor technology, suitable for many rigid mount applications.

Very compact low profile to decrease load centre for improved lifting capacity, robust with strong bearings designed to handle heavy dynamic and static loads, positive and negative forces (pull/push) as well as side thrust.

With a hanger XR series can be used as a pendulum mount, especially for extreme applications including penciling in remote forest locations.

Six Port Forestry Rotators

Extra hosing ports available to operate saw etc.


Designed to suit maximum 10 tonne operating weight excavator, or 10TM crane. Flange mount, PCD 6/206, 16mm bolts. Weight 63kg.

Designed to suit 20 tonne excavator pendulum mounted, maximum 8 tonne operating weight excavator rigid mount. Flange mount. Weight 98kg.


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